OraCare™ is an oral cleanser utilizing activated chlorine dioxide.  Chlorine Dioxide’s unique oxidizing properties kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, with the added benefits of neutralizing volatile sulfur compounds (VSC’s), and controlling plaque accumulation. OraCare has harnessed the power of Activated Chlorine Dioxide using a two bottle system.  Since true chlorine dioxide is a gas, the two products must stay separated until ready to use.  When rinsing simply, place equal parts of OraCare (4 pumps from each bottle) into the cup, allow the product to activate for 30-60 seconds, then rinse for 30-60 seconds.  OraCare’s Activated Oral Cleanser is a great addition to any oral hygiene regimen because of its lack of side effects; no staining, no additional calculus/tartar buildup, and no altered taste. 

All patients can benefit from preventive measures and this rinse can replace the majority of preventive products suggested to patients by television advertisements and drug store clerks who have no dental training with the advice they give to customers. We all know it is better to prevent disease from starting than it is to try to cure it after it has established itself. A clean mouth is a healthy mouth.

OraCare uses a two bottle system; each bottle is 16 ounces, resulting in 32 ounces of useable product.  Patients can use this product long term from beginning to end.  OraCare should be used at least twice daily or as directed by Dr. Nadler & Dr. Saidi.